RIGHTS: God Given or Given by Man

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One of the major differences between Progressive thoughts and the Ideals of the founding fathers is where the rights we have come from.

This is one of the main areas that cause me to disagree with and believe that Progressives are dangerous and harmful to this country we call America.

It is clear from the Declaration of Independence that our founding fathers believed in a Creator and that it is this Creator that gives us our rights. When God gives our rights it means that man cannot change them or man is acting against the will of his Creator when he does. If our Creator gives us our rights it means that they are eternal and man is wrong whenever he takes away the rights of another or even changes them. God given rights, as understood by our founding fathers are few in number, but are all powerful in what they mean to each of us. God given rights also come with great responsibility to each of us to be virtuous in our dealings with others. And also when we harm or take away the rights of another person we are to be held accountable for such actions.

On the other hand as Progressives believe that it is man himself, government or democracy that can decide the rights we have, our rights can change simply by the will of man. This is the reason that the laws of our land and the dealings of government over us have changed since Progressive thought has crept into the politics of our country (beginning around 1900). And is the reason that I argue that Progressive thought has been the slow death of the liberties and freedoms AND RESPONSIBILITIES that were assured to us by the context of the law of the land as it was ratified by the Thirteen States at the time of our founding. This law is or was contained in our U.S. Constitution until Progressive thought has caused amendments that are against the laws of Nature and of Natures God to be added to our Constitution. Very few amendments to our U.S. Constitution have attempted to protect our rights as given to us by our Creator, but there have been a few. That subject is for another time and place but hopefully that also happens in this land as many are trying to return this country to what it once was and not to advance any farther in the direction Progressive thought is trying to take us.

One of these differences in rights is clearly seen in the right of man to have personal property. The founding fathers believed that if property was gained by a virtuous or law abiding manner that this property belonged to the one that earned it. It did not belong to society or to another as long as what we did with our property did not infringe on the property of our fellow citizen. That is where written law or our U.S. Constitution came into play.

On the other hand Progressive thought would tell us that this property does not really belong to any one person, unless you are one of their elite, but belongs to society as a whole. This frame of thought has been a policy of socialism or communism since man started practicing either one. This mentality explains the entitlement way of life of many Americans as they have bought into Progressive thought.

Another influence of Progressive thought is in the way in which citizens of American communities handle protecting their personal property. It is a God given right to protect ourselves and our property. As most of us realize we cannot be at home all hours of the day every day, sitting on our porch, shotgun in hand, protecting our property. Therefore we live in communities, where as a community, we hire a police force of some kind to protect our personal property while we are gone or asleep. This is a correct function of government. But when this same police force, hired by us the tax paying citizens, is used to take away our individual right to protect our personal property by enforcing ridiculously passed gun control laws which seem to hold guns and other weapons accountable and not people for the violence that has gone on in America, progressive thought has crept in. 

There are a multitude of examples of how Progressive thought has crept into the rights we have, but the above mentioned are just a few.


The Death of Liberty

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Liberty: Freedom with Morality

It is true that our founding fathers went to war against the British to gain freedom from their tyrannical form of government. But it is not true to say that they formed simply a free nation, what they formed was a nation that was ruled by Liberty. And the best definition I have heard to explain the Liberty they gave us is that Liberty is not simply freedom but is freedom with morality.

And morality is nothing more than laws that a people will live under.

Our founding fathers gave us a Republic. A Republic is a nation where the governed have consented to live under a set of laws for all. Meaning no matter your amount of wealth, your skin color, your gender or whatever we all live under the same law.

That is not the case anymore. Our Federal government does not live under the same laws as the governed. They do not have the same social security we have to live under; they no longer have the same health care we have to live under. They are often not punished for lying, cheating or stealing as “We the People” are.

And you might ask why that is? Why do they seem to live under different rules than we do?

I believe the answer is simple. It starts with the Law of the United States, which is the U. S. Constitution.

There seems to be a large amount of disregard for our Constitution among most of the elected officials of this nation. And why is that? Another simple answer is quite evident. And that answer is found in another great document that helped form this government we were given by our founding fathers and that is The Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was the morality part of our founding Liberty and the Constitution is the form of government that was designed under the morality of the Declaration of Independence.

Our founding fathers knew that man was not capable of governing himself if left to his own methods. And this is clearly stated in the first part of the Declaration of Independence. Our founding fathers knew that there is and will always be a set of Laws that any nation had to abide by to be a nation under Liberty. The proof that our founding fathers believed this is found in these words forever written in the Declaration of Independence.

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

From this excerpt from our Declaration it is quite evident also that our founding fathers believed in Laws that came from a higher power than themselves in which we were to develop the laws of our land under. And they called this higher power their Creator.

But around the late 1800’s and early 1900’s their came a teaching from across the ocean (mostly from socialist Germany, and we all know what happened to that country) which was being taught in our Institutions of Higher learning that we had developed as a people beyond the understanding of our founding fathers. This teaching became known as Progressivism and has been the slow and steady demise of Liberty for over the last century.

Progressivism teaches that we do not need to live under the laws of a Creator, but under the laws of a group of elite people that are more intelligent than most of us. And these self-proclaimed elite fill the halls of DC and many of the State Capitols in our day and age. Do you know a lot about Progressivism? Not many do. But if these letters will keep being printed you will learn as I have how Progressivism is destroying the Liberty we once had.



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Well at least that is what my progressive liberal friends try to convince me of. They tell me the Tea Party movement is what has caused all the problems we are facing as a nation. They also tell me how much they hate the Tea Party.

I am starting to see their point. Why wouldn’t you hate some stupid group that stands for constitutionally limited government, I mean our founding fathers and the Americans that ratified that out of date document had no idea how to run a country. Who needs the liberty, freedom and, the most forgotten part of all, personal responsibility that it gave us. Just look at how much worse off of a nation we have been than the rest of the world over the last 200 years. 

Then there is the idea of financial responsibility, the Federal Government doesn’t need to live by some kind of dumb financial rule. Just look at how it has turned out for the nation of Greece and others who felt enormous debt was ok for a nation. The only people that financial responsibility is good for are the businesses and families of this nation. Really, why should we care what the American dollar is worth, if we need more money the Federal Reserve will print more for us. So, no problem.

Oh yeah, than there is the idea of free markets. Everyone knows how well it has worked out for the communist countries that decided the government should manage all their countries businesses. I mean we all know the Federal government is made up of all these really intelligent and very moral people, so nothing can go wrong without the free market system.

So because the tea party is for these ridiculous ideas of constitutionally limited government, financial responsibility and free markets they must be to blame. RIGHT? WRONG!!!!!

Who should bear the blame? Well as unpopular of an idea as this may be, it is not the democrats and it is not the republicans, but it is the American people OURSELVES, including politicians who’s own vote can be bought very easy, where have all the statesmen gone?

 And why do I blame the population of America you might ask? Because we still have the right and power to vote. But as of late Americans either don’t vote, only 40.7% in the 2010 elections and 57.5 in the 2012 Presidential elections, or we just keep electing the same ones back in office. Do we study the backgrounds of those running for office or just believe the onslaught of crap that comes out from our main stream media when an election is months from happening? Apathy has taken over this nation.

Proof of this is that most Americans seem to agree with the ridiculous republican House of Representatives upcoming plan that we can allow the debt ceiling to raise for three months as long as the democratic Senate will come up with a plan that balances this nation’s budget within 10 years and yet the democratic Senate has not proposed any kind of a budget since 2008, let alone one that balances anything at all, when the Constitution says it is law that they do so every year. Apparently the Senate does not have to follow the law of the land.

On reducing this nation’s enormous debt there is a simple mathematical law that says to cut debt all you have to do is spend less than you earn.  

They will not do this, I don’t believe, until the American public comes to the place where we realize we are going to have to sacrifice some of the “entitlements” that our newly elected President promised we could have forever. But if we just keep electing the same group, both democratic and republican, that are in office now, nothing will really ever change.

The majority of American who do vote are so self-centered at this present time in history that we are willing to pass all of our problems and debt on to future generations. That has never happened before in the history of this nation.

Some in Washington tell us we will default on our debt if we do not increase our current debt ceiling. That is not true; we still have billions coming in every month, granted not as much as we pay out. Therefore we have to come up with ways to lower our spending, and prioritizing what we pay out. That means cuts to all of our pet “entitlements”. I am not talking about social security or Medicare, although they do need revamped and I really don’t plan on having much of any when I retire the way things are going.

Let the free market keep businesses afloat not PORK our congress keeps passing and our President keeps signing into law, such as the 60 billion dollar Hurricane Sandy relief bill. If you didn’t know they only asked for a little over 30 billion and there was almost 30 billion dollars added so politicians could gain votes from the constituents in their voting areas. That is the definition of pork.  Let the free market keep businesses afloat not stimulus dollars taken from tax payers to keep businesses from going bankrupt that should go bankrupt.

The Tea Party groups, of which there are many unassociated groups in the U.S., are the same as most of all the other conservative groups that are not against government. But they are for GOOD government, the same type of government that the Declaration of Independence called for and was given to us by the signing and ratifying of the greatest Constitution ever written for any nation.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe this new plan by the Republicans will work, and the Democrats will go along, time will tell. But when does the time come when we quit “kicking the can down the road”? When do we start caring about our children and grandchildren’s America as much as we care for ourselves?








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So the American people have voted and now we are headed down a socialistic path.

So President Franklin Roosevelt’s “Bill of Second Rights”has become what the American citizenry desire.

In case you have not heard of this bill from FDR below is an excerpt from a speech of his that explains the philosophy.


“This Republic had its beginning, and grew to its present strength, under the protection of certain inalienable political rights—among them the right of free speech, free press, free worship, trial by jury, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. They were our rights to life and liberty. As our Nation has grown in size and stature, however—as our industrial economy expanded—these political rights proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness.”


I wholeheartedly disagree with this plan of FDR and I believe the majority of the citizens who voted in the 2012 Presidential election, and gave Obama the victory, do not understand where we are headed as a nation.

The founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and then the States ratified the U.S. Constitution because they wanted to get away from a government that was too big. FDR and President Obama have a vision for America that is the exact opposite of what the vision of our founding fathers was. And this vision and way of government, that our founding fathers had, is what made this nation a moral and wealthy nation for over 100 years.


In contrast to the quote above by FDR, the following quote is from a class on the Constitution from Hillsdale College, which I believe is the future of America still.  This quote gives us exactly the principles that are going to make this nation great once again.


“Liberty is the right to be free from the coercive interference of other people. It is derived from nature itself, and is a natural right—something possessed simply because one is a human being,

Equality means no one is by nature the ruler of any other person. Each human being is equal in his right to life, liberty, and property, which the Declaration calls “the pursuit of happiness.”.

Equality, liberty, and natural rights require a certain form of government: republicanism, based on consent of the governed. Legitimate government, based on the consent of the governed, must accomplish three things: the establishment of civil laws that protect man’s natural rights; the punishment of those who infringe on others’ natural rights; and the protection of natural rights through a strong national defense.

The people themselves also play a vital role in protecting their rights. They must be educated in “religion, morality, and knowledge.””

The last part of this quote about religion, morality and knowledge is from the Northwest Ordinance. Just in case you don’t remember from history what the Northwest Ordinance was let me give you a brief explanation.



The Northwest Ordinance was an ordinance by which the United States was expanding west. It was the laws passed as the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin were permitted into the Union. The Northwest Ordinance also prohibited slavery, protected religious liberty, and encouraged education. As you can see the thought of those in the government of that day was very much different from the philosophies of our governmental representatives today.

It is now against the law to teach on morality and religion in our public schools today. This is probably part of the problem with the way Americans conduct themselves in our day and age.


So, “where do we go from here”?

Seeing how that the majority of American voters who could have voted DID NOT. I believe we have to get back to teaching “religion, morality, and knowledge” to not only our students but the adults of our nation.

By doing this we will win our nation back.

If you want to learn more about what made our nation great and help take this great country back, please join us as we fight to make America great again.


Matt Winey

Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots


Obama healthcare, is it good for America?

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Yes our health care system in America is Sick, but do we want to just make it sicker.

Will Obama Care improve the health care in America by making it accessible to more citizens and making it more affordable to all of us, by making it a Federal Government run system? President Obama has said in speeches before the Obama Care law was passed, that we needed to improve our health care system by making it more like the government run health care in Canada, and other nations around the world.

I have been studying the facts and the answer to the question stated above is a definite NO. If one will honestly study the health care systems that are government run around the world they would find that we still have the best health care in the world. If this is not true, why do those who are rich in the foreign run countries that have government run health care, come to America when their own lives are in danger?

Here are four names of government officials in Canada who spoke out against private run healthcare but came to America when their own lives were in danger, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa, Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams and Parliament member Belinda Caroline Stronach. There are many more names from other countries with Government run health care that go to free market run health care systems in other parts of the world to get their care.

And then there all the horror stories of the two month to a year wait times just to get in to get a treatment done because the treatment you want cannot be given until more are rationed out by the National government of the socialized health care system of the country you are in, or the fact that you cannot see a “family doctor” in these countries because thousands of doctors have quit their practices because of the government run systems. And it is already happening in America. If you want to hear the truth just get the video titled “Sick and Sicker” about the Canadian health care system.

And then there are the hundreds of thousands of people per year to whom the governments of social health care nations are willing to pay them to be euthanized, instead of for treatments to prolong or improve their lives, because of the cost.  

But surely Obama Care will make health care cheaper, won’t it? Well let’s see considering there will be 159 new Federal Agencies with, oh let’s just say a low estimate of 100 employees each, making around 100,000 a year or more equaling $1,590,000,000 themselves. Then there is the estimated 16, 000 new IRS workers, who will make sure we all follow the new Health Care Law, making 100,000 a year and that is another $1,600,000,000. And this is just the tip of the ice berg, what about the new rate increases by hospitals and insurance companies because of all the new government mandates, which will surely be in the trillions. Then there are the tax penalties to all of us Americans that the new 16,000 IRS employees will get from us, for not complying with all the rules. 

This new health care law is in fact, going to bankrupt America for generations, meaning your children and their children and grandchildren will be much worse off financially.

If you would like more on the truth of Obama health care, and the solutions that will truly help American Health Care, please come to the meeting September 6th at 7:00 P.M. with Dr. Kelly Victory. This will be at the Center of Craig. She is one of the first Americans who had ever read the entire Obama Health Care bill. Dr. Kelly Victory is also an advisor to a number of state governors, congressmen and senators on healthcare issues, and she is currently working with Mitt Romney and his healthcare policy team.

The meeting is presented to you by the Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots of Craig Colorado, a group of American citizens who are worried about the future of America and American citizens. These American citizens will be people who will live on long after we are gone, but will be in debt like we have never been.



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I believe if you were to ask any number of Americans the question, “What type of government does America have?” you would be surprised at the large number of Americans that would answer “a democracy.” And although we are creeping toward that form of government, we are not living under a democracy yet.

There seems to be five forms of government in the history of man. And actually you can probably narrow that down to three.

The five that are commonly named are:

 Monarchy or Dictatorship: the rule of one.

Oligarchy: Rule by a few.

Democracy: Rule by the majority.

Republic: Ruled by Law

Anarchy: Rule by no one.

As there has never really been a monarchy, because a king has his courts or a dictator his czars, A monarchy or dictatorship is actually an Oligarchy.

And since Anarchy usually happens after revolution and ends up with some other form of government, anarchy is not really a form of lasting government either.

So there actually only ends up being three forms of government; Oligarchy, democracy and a republic.

Oligarchy is what most governments in the world have ever been, king and his courts, communism, Marxism, Nazism and the like.

Democracy never last as it always has ended up in an oligarchy of some kind, because the major flaw with a democracy is the people are not restrained in any manner, and some group, which ends up being the majority, end up being in power.

Republic is from the Latin res and publica, which translate into thing and public or “the public thing” which is the Law, and under this form of government the government itself is limited by the Law. The proper limitation of government over a people has always produced a free people.

Benjamin Franklin was asked by a lady of his day, “What form of government have you given us Benjamin Franklin?” and his reply was a Republic IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.

Our government in America, which was created by our founding fathers, is a Republic, and the Law in America is supposed to be the Constitution and its amendments, but over the last 100 years our Constitution has been trampled on by all three branches of our government.


The Constitution was written by our founding fathers so that we had a Federal government that could not become over powerful, as the government of England had become before the founding of this nation. 

One other country in history that had a republic form of government was ancient Rome. Rome prospered until the people of Rome became so comfortable that the government grew too large and soon most Romans were living off of government handouts. In essence they traded their freedom for security and soon they were under the oligarchy of the Caesars and Rome soon fell from being one of the most powerful nations in the world.

We have nations such as Greece that have a form of democratic socialism and the government had become the security for that nation. And now that Greece is broke the people of Greece are rioting in the streets, because the government of Greece can no longer afford to take care of them. This is another example of a people who traded security for freedom.

No other government in history but a Republic has kept a people free and prosperous. Are we going to keep our Republic, or become a Democracy or some type of Oligarchy?


Socialism will not work

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Children do not have to be taught to be naughty. Naughtiness is their nature.

Selfishness is the basic trait of every human being on the planet.

That is why socialism cannot possibly work. President Barack Obama’s goal to “spread the wealth around” cannot be successful. The have-nots are only too willing to take the unearned handouts.

The haves are discouraged from their efforts to achieve their goals if the result of their work is to be taken from them by force (taxes) and “spread around.” If they are not jumping for joy at the prospect, they are considered hard-hearted, having no compassion.

The elite at the top doing the “spreading” are only too willing to take their fair share off the top for the privilege, making sure that, because they are the elite, they have a bigger portion than the commoners.

Our Constitution was written to keep the elite from becoming dictators. The “naughtiness” of human nature cannot be trusted with too much power, and that’s why the writers of the Constitution built in a system of checks and balances by creating the three branches of government.

Congress is supposed to keep the executives in line with the law (constitution).

President Obama has decided that he can ignore Congress (and the Constitution) and rule by executive order, made legitimate by the 44 czars he has appointed to bypass Congress and enforce his socialistic agenda.

Obamacare is socialized medicine. The Supreme Court is deciding right now if it is Constitutional or not. Of course, it’s not. We commoners can see it clearly.

It forces us to buy insurance. It even forces us to buy insurance that violates deeply held religious beliefs. What’s constitutional about that?

Edwin Meese III, one of the most respected legal experts in America, described the president’s reckless disregard for the Constitution as “close to a monarchy as since the days of George III.”

It’s time for another Revolutionary War. We’d better use our ballots (not bullets) to get rid of him and his fellow elites in our Congress, or we’re locked into a dictatorship that is as arrogant as it is destructive.

We cannot survive another four years. Get ready to vote.

Rosemary Potter