Socialism will not work

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Children do not have to be taught to be naughty. Naughtiness is their nature.

Selfishness is the basic trait of every human being on the planet.

That is why socialism cannot possibly work. President Barack Obama’s goal to “spread the wealth around” cannot be successful. The have-nots are only too willing to take the unearned handouts.

The haves are discouraged from their efforts to achieve their goals if the result of their work is to be taken from them by force (taxes) and “spread around.” If they are not jumping for joy at the prospect, they are considered hard-hearted, having no compassion.

The elite at the top doing the “spreading” are only too willing to take their fair share off the top for the privilege, making sure that, because they are the elite, they have a bigger portion than the commoners.

Our Constitution was written to keep the elite from becoming dictators. The “naughtiness” of human nature cannot be trusted with too much power, and that’s why the writers of the Constitution built in a system of checks and balances by creating the three branches of government.

Congress is supposed to keep the executives in line with the law (constitution).

President Obama has decided that he can ignore Congress (and the Constitution) and rule by executive order, made legitimate by the 44 czars he has appointed to bypass Congress and enforce his socialistic agenda.

Obamacare is socialized medicine. The Supreme Court is deciding right now if it is Constitutional or not. Of course, it’s not. We commoners can see it clearly.

It forces us to buy insurance. It even forces us to buy insurance that violates deeply held religious beliefs. What’s constitutional about that?

Edwin Meese III, one of the most respected legal experts in America, described the president’s reckless disregard for the Constitution as “close to a monarchy as since the days of George III.”

It’s time for another Revolutionary War. We’d better use our ballots (not bullets) to get rid of him and his fellow elites in our Congress, or we’re locked into a dictatorship that is as arrogant as it is destructive.

We cannot survive another four years. Get ready to vote.

Rosemary Potter

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