Obama healthcare, is it good for America?

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Yes our health care system in America is Sick, but do we want to just make it sicker.

Will Obama Care improve the health care in America by making it accessible to more citizens and making it more affordable to all of us, by making it a Federal Government run system? President Obama has said in speeches before the Obama Care law was passed, that we needed to improve our health care system by making it more like the government run health care in Canada, and other nations around the world.

I have been studying the facts and the answer to the question stated above is a definite NO. If one will honestly study the health care systems that are government run around the world they would find that we still have the best health care in the world. If this is not true, why do those who are rich in the foreign run countries that have government run health care, come to America when their own lives are in danger?

Here are four names of government officials in Canada who spoke out against private run healthcare but came to America when their own lives were in danger, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa, Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams and Parliament member Belinda Caroline Stronach. There are many more names from other countries with Government run health care that go to free market run health care systems in other parts of the world to get their care.

And then there all the horror stories of the two month to a year wait times just to get in to get a treatment done because the treatment you want cannot be given until more are rationed out by the National government of the socialized health care system of the country you are in, or the fact that you cannot see a “family doctor” in these countries because thousands of doctors have quit their practices because of the government run systems. And it is already happening in America. If you want to hear the truth just get the video titled “Sick and Sicker” about the Canadian health care system.

And then there are the hundreds of thousands of people per year to whom the governments of social health care nations are willing to pay them to be euthanized, instead of for treatments to prolong or improve their lives, because of the cost.  

But surely Obama Care will make health care cheaper, won’t it? Well let’s see considering there will be 159 new Federal Agencies with, oh let’s just say a low estimate of 100 employees each, making around 100,000 a year or more equaling $1,590,000,000 themselves. Then there is the estimated 16, 000 new IRS workers, who will make sure we all follow the new Health Care Law, making 100,000 a year and that is another $1,600,000,000. And this is just the tip of the ice berg, what about the new rate increases by hospitals and insurance companies because of all the new government mandates, which will surely be in the trillions. Then there are the tax penalties to all of us Americans that the new 16,000 IRS employees will get from us, for not complying with all the rules. 

This new health care law is in fact, going to bankrupt America for generations, meaning your children and their children and grandchildren will be much worse off financially.

If you would like more on the truth of Obama health care, and the solutions that will truly help American Health Care, please come to the meeting September 6th at 7:00 P.M. with Dr. Kelly Victory. This will be at the Center of Craig. She is one of the first Americans who had ever read the entire Obama Health Care bill. Dr. Kelly Victory is also an advisor to a number of state governors, congressmen and senators on healthcare issues, and she is currently working with Mitt Romney and his healthcare policy team.

The meeting is presented to you by the Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots of Craig Colorado, a group of American citizens who are worried about the future of America and American citizens. These American citizens will be people who will live on long after we are gone, but will be in debt like we have never been.

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