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Well at least that is what my progressive liberal friends try to convince me of. They tell me the Tea Party movement is what has caused all the problems we are facing as a nation. They also tell me how much they hate the Tea Party.

I am starting to see their point. Why wouldn’t you hate some stupid group that stands for constitutionally limited government, I mean our founding fathers and the Americans that ratified that out of date document had no idea how to run a country. Who needs the liberty, freedom and, the most forgotten part of all, personal responsibility that it gave us. Just look at how much worse off of a nation we have been than the rest of the world over the last 200 years. 

Then there is the idea of financial responsibility, the Federal Government doesn’t need to live by some kind of dumb financial rule. Just look at how it has turned out for the nation of Greece and others who felt enormous debt was ok for a nation. The only people that financial responsibility is good for are the businesses and families of this nation. Really, why should we care what the American dollar is worth, if we need more money the Federal Reserve will print more for us. So, no problem.

Oh yeah, than there is the idea of free markets. Everyone knows how well it has worked out for the communist countries that decided the government should manage all their countries businesses. I mean we all know the Federal government is made up of all these really intelligent and very moral people, so nothing can go wrong without the free market system.

So because the tea party is for these ridiculous ideas of constitutionally limited government, financial responsibility and free markets they must be to blame. RIGHT? WRONG!!!!!

Who should bear the blame? Well as unpopular of an idea as this may be, it is not the democrats and it is not the republicans, but it is the American people OURSELVES, including politicians who’s own vote can be bought very easy, where have all the statesmen gone?

 And why do I blame the population of America you might ask? Because we still have the right and power to vote. But as of late Americans either don’t vote, only 40.7% in the 2010 elections and 57.5 in the 2012 Presidential elections, or we just keep electing the same ones back in office. Do we study the backgrounds of those running for office or just believe the onslaught of crap that comes out from our main stream media when an election is months from happening? Apathy has taken over this nation.

Proof of this is that most Americans seem to agree with the ridiculous republican House of Representatives upcoming plan that we can allow the debt ceiling to raise for three months as long as the democratic Senate will come up with a plan that balances this nation’s budget within 10 years and yet the democratic Senate has not proposed any kind of a budget since 2008, let alone one that balances anything at all, when the Constitution says it is law that they do so every year. Apparently the Senate does not have to follow the law of the land.

On reducing this nation’s enormous debt there is a simple mathematical law that says to cut debt all you have to do is spend less than you earn.  

They will not do this, I don’t believe, until the American public comes to the place where we realize we are going to have to sacrifice some of the “entitlements” that our newly elected President promised we could have forever. But if we just keep electing the same group, both democratic and republican, that are in office now, nothing will really ever change.

The majority of American who do vote are so self-centered at this present time in history that we are willing to pass all of our problems and debt on to future generations. That has never happened before in the history of this nation.

Some in Washington tell us we will default on our debt if we do not increase our current debt ceiling. That is not true; we still have billions coming in every month, granted not as much as we pay out. Therefore we have to come up with ways to lower our spending, and prioritizing what we pay out. That means cuts to all of our pet “entitlements”. I am not talking about social security or Medicare, although they do need revamped and I really don’t plan on having much of any when I retire the way things are going.

Let the free market keep businesses afloat not PORK our congress keeps passing and our President keeps signing into law, such as the 60 billion dollar Hurricane Sandy relief bill. If you didn’t know they only asked for a little over 30 billion and there was almost 30 billion dollars added so politicians could gain votes from the constituents in their voting areas. That is the definition of pork.  Let the free market keep businesses afloat not stimulus dollars taken from tax payers to keep businesses from going bankrupt that should go bankrupt.

The Tea Party groups, of which there are many unassociated groups in the U.S., are the same as most of all the other conservative groups that are not against government. But they are for GOOD government, the same type of government that the Declaration of Independence called for and was given to us by the signing and ratifying of the greatest Constitution ever written for any nation.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe this new plan by the Republicans will work, and the Democrats will go along, time will tell. But when does the time come when we quit “kicking the can down the road”? When do we start caring about our children and grandchildren’s America as much as we care for ourselves?






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