RIGHTS: God Given or Given by Man

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One of the major differences between Progressive thoughts and the Ideals of the founding fathers is where the rights we have come from.

This is one of the main areas that cause me to disagree with and believe that Progressives are dangerous and harmful to this country we call America.

It is clear from the Declaration of Independence that our founding fathers believed in a Creator and that it is this Creator that gives us our rights. When God gives our rights it means that man cannot change them or man is acting against the will of his Creator when he does. If our Creator gives us our rights it means that they are eternal and man is wrong whenever he takes away the rights of another or even changes them. God given rights, as understood by our founding fathers are few in number, but are all powerful in what they mean to each of us. God given rights also come with great responsibility to each of us to be virtuous in our dealings with others. And also when we harm or take away the rights of another person we are to be held accountable for such actions.

On the other hand as Progressives believe that it is man himself, government or democracy that can decide the rights we have, our rights can change simply by the will of man. This is the reason that the laws of our land and the dealings of government over us have changed since Progressive thought has crept into the politics of our country (beginning around 1900). And is the reason that I argue that Progressive thought has been the slow death of the liberties and freedoms AND RESPONSIBILITIES that were assured to us by the context of the law of the land as it was ratified by the Thirteen States at the time of our founding. This law is or was contained in our U.S. Constitution until Progressive thought has caused amendments that are against the laws of Nature and of Natures God to be added to our Constitution. Very few amendments to our U.S. Constitution have attempted to protect our rights as given to us by our Creator, but there have been a few. That subject is for another time and place but hopefully that also happens in this land as many are trying to return this country to what it once was and not to advance any farther in the direction Progressive thought is trying to take us.

One of these differences in rights is clearly seen in the right of man to have personal property. The founding fathers believed that if property was gained by a virtuous or law abiding manner that this property belonged to the one that earned it. It did not belong to society or to another as long as what we did with our property did not infringe on the property of our fellow citizen. That is where written law or our U.S. Constitution came into play.

On the other hand Progressive thought would tell us that this property does not really belong to any one person, unless you are one of their elite, but belongs to society as a whole. This frame of thought has been a policy of socialism or communism since man started practicing either one. This mentality explains the entitlement way of life of many Americans as they have bought into Progressive thought.

Another influence of Progressive thought is in the way in which citizens of American communities handle protecting their personal property. It is a God given right to protect ourselves and our property. As most of us realize we cannot be at home all hours of the day every day, sitting on our porch, shotgun in hand, protecting our property. Therefore we live in communities, where as a community, we hire a police force of some kind to protect our personal property while we are gone or asleep. This is a correct function of government. But when this same police force, hired by us the tax paying citizens, is used to take away our individual right to protect our personal property by enforcing ridiculously passed gun control laws which seem to hold guns and other weapons accountable and not people for the violence that has gone on in America, progressive thought has crept in. 

There are a multitude of examples of how Progressive thought has crept into the rights we have, but the above mentioned are just a few.

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