Where do the Wall Street Protestors come from?

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Here is a video that may explain it to you


One Response to “Where do the Wall Street Protestors come from?”

  1. It was the Tea Party who brought focus on our nation’s spending addiction but it is the lack of money that will finish the job. The hardest lesson to learn in politics is knowing when to quit and for now the TEA Party is on hold and because our groups are local our leadership is smart enough to know how to use all the thousands of patriots still wanting to make a difference.

    A perfect example of what happens to a grass roots movement that pushes too far is the occupy movement. The public has turned against that group because of their extremism and excesses. If necessary, the TEA Party can reconstitute their movement but the occupy movement does not have that option. They have acquired too much baggage without accomplishing anything of significance. That’s the difference between having a purpose and having an agenda. And the American people instinctively know the difference.

    The TEA Party is now in the nudging stage (which is the correct method). Our way is beneficial both to our movement and our nation, while the occupy movement is only shoving. It‘s the difference between the power of persuasion and the persuasion of power. And their power to shove will soon come to an end. And they will find out what we mean when we say; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and they won’t like it. And their reaction will be to shove even harder and in the end, that is what will destroy them; a self inflicted wound because their leadership was not wise enough to know when to quit.

    FYI; there were exactly three “occupiers” who showed up at their last “occupy the Mesa mall” protest in GJ and none at all (not even their leadership) showed up at a scheduled foreclosure auction protest a few days later. Stick a fork in them; their done.

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